We offer a variety of services, including:

  • The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Training* 
  • Individual, group, and company wide Mindfulness Training
  • Executive coaching in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness
  • Individualized group and team consultation

Each of our programs works to develop the following outcomes:



Through understanding the neuroscience of empathy, we'll develop useful mental habits and listening skills to help you increase empathy, kindness, goodwill and objectivity. With our focus on empathy, you'll also learn to listen to others for feelings.


  • Strengthen your ability to understand others' feelings and perspective.
  • Increase your capacity to foster highly productive relationships based on trust and kindness.

Leadership Skills

You will learn social skills that help you be beloved even as you become a highly effective team member or leader. Our practices will give you the tools to lead with compassion, influence with goodness, and communicate with insight.


  • Become skillful at communicating and influencing.
  • Inspire trust.
  • Grow into a highly effective leader.


Develop a high resolution perception into the process of emotional response by learning to listen to the body for emotions, and access them through meditation practice. You'll also understand the role of unpleasant emotions in emotional intelligence.


  • Become aware of your emotions and comfortable with your emotional range.
  • Become able to accurately assess yourself.
  • Develop self-confidence.

Self Regulation

Self-regulation builds upon self-awareness. With awareness you can identify and work with emotional triggers and other emotionally difficult situations. You'll experiment with a number of practices for working in emotionally difficult situations.


  • Create the capacity for emotional self-mastery.
  • Develop inner strength for difficult situations that test your honesty and integrity.
  • Decrease your discomfort with disruptive change.


The keys to using your emotional tendencies to help you reach your goals are finding alignment between what you do and what you value, knowing what you want in your ideal futures, and developing emotional resilience. You'll uncover your deepest values, envision your ideal future, and develop optimism and emotional resilience to reach your goals.


  • Discover your intrinsic motivators.
  • Strengthen achievement drive and commitment towards your goals.
  • Develop healthy optimism.

*For more information about Search Inside Yourself, please visit www.siyli.org